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Arm Reduction/ Brachioplasty

At Pure Aesthetics we can improve the appearance of loose arm skin …

Arm reduction, also known as “brachioplasty”, reduces excess skin and fat from the upper arm. The surgery targets the area between the underarm and the elbow, and contours the arm, resulting in smoother skin and a more toned appearance.

What is involved?

Before surgery begins your upper arms will be marked to outline were the incisions will be made. The surgery is usually conducted under a general anaesthetic and takes about 90 minutes. The length of the incision, and the final scar, starts at your underarm and finishes at the elbow, and excess skin is removed to restore the shape to a more natural contour. After surgery, support garments are worn for several weeks

Benefits of Brachioplasty include:

  • Removes loose underarm skin, particularly after weight loss
  • Reduces bulky fat in the upper arms
  • Creates a better contoured arm shape

The procedure recovery time depends on the patient but is generally fast to heal. As an isolated procedure, arm reduction is usually done as “day surgery”, although this procedure is often combined with other procedures, which may entail an overnight stay in hospital. It will be six weeks before patients can commence strenuous exercise, and a scar management program will be continued for several months after surgery.

If you would like to know how arm reduction/brachioplasty treatment could transform your arms and give you the toned appearance you desire, contact us today!