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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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Sydney Breast Lift Surgery

As part of the ageing process or after breastfeeding or weight loss, the breasts will often droop and lose their youthful appearance. “Mastopexy” is the plastic surgery procedure performed to correct this.

If there is enough breast tissue left, then it is possible to reshape it, remove excess skin and produce a higher, firmer breast. If there is little breast tissue, an implant can usually be placed during the lift procedure.

A breast lift is similar to a breast reduction, except that breast tissue is not removed; rather, the breast is re-arranged internally and the skin is tightened. The scars are usually in the same place i.e. around the nipple, vertically down to the fold underneath the breast, and sometimes in the fold beneath the breast. Whenever possible, Dr. Merten utilise the latest “short scar” techniques, which avoid scars on the underside of the breast.

Breast lift fees may be partially rebateable from Medicare and your health insurance, depending on the particular circumstances.

Your surgeon will also discuss the possible risks of surgery, and how these would be managed; this allows you to make an informed decision. A second consultation is done closer to the surgery date, to ensure the right choices have been made for you.

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