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Nose (Rhinoplasty)

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Nose Reshaping Surgery Sydney

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic plastic surgical procedure that reshapes the nose and improves its appearance.

Nose surgery is performed to improve the shape of the nose, to correct life-long aesthetic issues, correct deformities that resulted from an injury and relieve nasal obstructions or breathing problems. Changes in the appearance of the nose can dramatically improve overall facial appearance. This may be particularly desirable if you are sensitive or self-conscious about the appearance of your nose.

A beautiful nose is a natural one that compliments and fits harmoniously with the face. Rhinoplasty is individually tailored to address your specific concerns. Large noses usually are made smaller by reducing the “hump” on the back of the nose, to lower and improve the side profile. The tip of the nose can be made smaller and reshaped to provide an overall improvement in nasal balance. If there are also significant breathing problems, the causes of this are usually addressed at the same time as the aesthetic changes.

Your consultation with the Dr. Merten will entail a thorough examination of the internal and external structure of the nose and how it relates to your face. A complete assessment of facial balance and proportions will be made. Photographs will be taken and reviewed with you. These photographs are used for computer imaging and morphing, so at your second consultation you will get a good idea of what the expected result will be. A review of what to expect before, during and after the rhinoplasty will be discussed. A detailed explanation of the possible problems, side effects and complications will be done. Any questions you may have should be written and brought in with you for your consultation to ask Dr. Merten. We prefer the prepared, informed patient.

When discussing rhinoplasty with Dr Merten it is important to have realistic expectations and goals. We cannot give you someone else’s nose, but we will try to make your nose look much better. The goal of surgery is improvement, not perfection.

The operation for rhinoplasty takes between one and three hours for the surgery, and is usually done under general anesthetic. It is usually done as “day surgery”and you will be able to go home within a few hours of your operation.

Side effects are generally contained to swelling and bruising around the eyes for a few days, although they quickly subside. Swelling of the nose takes more time to fully resolve, and may be present for a number of months after the procedure.

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