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Top Of The Bottoms

The Botox Breast Lift

Balancing Lopsided Breasts

The Facts about Breast Augmentation

What are the pros and cons to “furry Brazillian” implants in a mastectomy/reconstruction situation?

Breast implant costs and combining several surgeries in one visit.

I’m considering a tummy tuck, do I need to lose weight?

My “Mummy Makeover”

How to Radiate Youth

Pure Aesthetics Profile on Yonger You

Australian Premiere! New You TV

Boo Boobs




January 2013
Read about Dr Merten’s positive views on Mummy Makeovers

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February 2012
Read about how Dr Merten takes a targeted, personalised approach to breast surgery.

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Woman’s Day

July 2011
Read about how Dr Merten helped Deborah Hutton with her cancer battle.

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February 2011
Read about how Dr Merten helps patients make the right choices when it comes to breast surgery.

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Vogue Australia

February 2010
Breast reduction with Minimal scarring.

Dr Merten presenting the latest surgical techniques used
to ensure the best breast reduction results.

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Prevention Magazine

November 2009
Your Best Breasts

This is a special report on breast health – inspired by the national Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Dr Merten discusses the latest information on breast lift and breast implants.

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Cosmopolitan Bride

Nip/Tuck Brides
Autumn 2010 Issue

Read about one of our patients, Rebecca, who had 18 moles removed from her back and was confident wearing a strapless dress on her wedding day!

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Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty

July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine 2009.
Would you go under the knife?

This issue of Cosmopolitan reveals the answers to some frequently asked cosmetic surgery questions, including testimonials from various women who have gone under the knife.

As you flip through mags playing HAS SHE OR HASN’T SHE, do you ever wonder, IS IT FOR ME?

“Procedures such as breast implants and tummy tucks being done together are becoming more frequent. It’s a consumer expectation pushed by cosmetic reality TV shows. Special-event plastic surgery, such as wedding parties having procedures, is also growing in popularity…” Dr Merten.

(Dr Merten’s quote is not paid media/advertorial)

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The Sydney Morning HeraldBoom & bust

Monday, 19 July 2010:
Dr Steve Merten comments on breast reductions cases.

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No-fuss Nips and Tucks

Monday, 2 March 2009:
Dr Steve Merten comments on non-surgical breast enlargements and the dangers of infection.

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The Sydney Morning Herald

A knife-free guide to anti-ageing

Thursday, 19 February 2009:
Dr Steve Merten shares with readers how anti-ageing technology has changed over the past 10 years and how it has affected the social acceptance of cosmetic procedures.

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Look Sexy In The City!

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