breastaugMy patients express a variety of concerns during breast augmentation consultations. A major issue is how their new breasts will look in their old clothing, and another concern for some of my patients is getting a natural look that does not appear “fake” or “overdone”. Some patients are concerned because pregnancy, age, or weight loss has caused them to lose volume and shape in their breasts. These patients may not be as interested in increasing the size of their breasts as they are with restoring a youthful look and often want to achieve the fullness they had during their pregnancies.

Some patients express a concern that their breast implant size will not be large enough – others are worried about going too large and ending up regretting the final size that they choose. The “profile” (or shape), width and “projection” of the implants all need to be considered, as all will affect the final breast augmentation results. Some individuals want breasts that stand out from the chest further while others are looking for a broader look that does not project as far. Fortunately, with the range of breast implants I use and have available, I can help choose a range of final outcomes to try to achieve the highest satisfaction.

Steve Merten, FRACS

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