Breast LiftIn my recent blog post, “What Implant Details to Consider for Your Breast Enhancement”, I identified implant size as an important factor for patients to consider for their breast augmentation surgery. To help them find the best size for their ideal outcome, I recommend patients bring photos of their desired breast appearance and of looks they don’t like – found in either my own patient gallery or elsewhere. This helps me to understand what results the patient is hoping to achieve. My preconceptions of what is “natural” may be very different from someone else’s. Without photos the patient must describe what they want to get from this plastic surgery, and it can be more difficult to see through the eyes of the patient.

When the patient arrives for the initial consultation, I will discuss the specific concerns and goals that they have, and take a number of measurements that will be helpful during the sizing process. I then use 3D imaging software using my patient’s own photos to simulate different implant sizes and shapes, helping the patient determine their ideal size. I also use “sizers” that can be tried on in the office to help determine the best possible size based on the patient’s measurements and goals. Together, we also go through a range of patient photos to fine-tune this decision. I always arrange two preoperative consultations to make sure the patient is fully informed and feels confident about their decision.

–Steve Merten, FRACS

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