BathingSuitWhen plastic surgeons talk about the profile of breast implants, they are discussing the way the implant projects forward from the chest wall, as compared to the width of the implant base. Think of the profile as the intended distance that the new breasts will project outward in the front. If the patient wants a more obvious silhouette after surgery, a higher profile implant may be used. The implant profile for a breast augmentation can be ultra high, high, moderate plus, or moderate.

  • Ultra High: This implant will have the smallest width at the base and the highest level of projection from the chest wall. This gives a more centred breast with less side fullness and may be better for women who have a smaller chest wall width who want to achieve a fuller outcome. This profile option may, however, look less “natural” than lesser projecting implants.
  • High: The base width will be wider than the ultra high profile and the projection will be less pronounced.
  • Moderate Plus: This implant profile will have a moderate width at the base of the implant and less projection than a high profile choice.
  • Moderate: This implant profile has the widest base width and the least amount of projection out of all the breast implant profiles. This may give more cleavage and upper fullness, whilst keeping the overall size lower.

Steve Merten, FRACS

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