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Breast Implant Removal En Bloc: What You Need to Know!

Breast implant plastic surgery is very popular for many reasons, but sometimes breast implant revision surgery is needed. There are many revision options available with breast implants, and each has benefits and drawbacks. An experienced plastic surgeon can help you determine which option is best for your specific situation and circumstances. What Are the Benefits of En Bloc Removal of Breast Implants? One of the revisions that may be sought after breast implants are no longer desired is breast implant removal en bloc. This type of plastic surgery involves removing ...
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Considering Male Breast Reduction?

What Benefits Does This Procedure Offer? Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, can be a big problem for many men. This condition can cause embarrassment and lower your self esteem. Statistics show that roughly half of all men experience enlarged breasts. This can be caused by genetics, certain medications, and even muscle loss and weakness as you age. Gynecomastia can be mild, moderate, or severe, and this will determine the right method to reduce male breasts and give you a more masculine chest. You will benefit from flatter breasts and a ...
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What to Know About Gender Transition Top Surgery

When is Gender Transition Top Surgery Recommended and What are These Procedures? Top surgery is becoming more common as more people decide to undergo gender transition in order to be more comfortable in their own bodies. Top surgery involves either breast reduction or bilateral mastectomy if you are transitioning from female to male, or breast augmentation using breast implants if you are transitioning from male to female. The right Sydney plastic surgeon can help you achieve the desired results while treating you with the dignity and confidentiality that you deserve. ...
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10 Tips for Getting a Perfect Breast Augmentation

You might decide to have breast augmentation because you are unhappy about the size of your breasts. Or it could be that after pregnancy and breast-feeding you’re just not happy about the way your breasts look. Breast surgery today is relatively straightforward and whatever your circumstances, these 10 tips will help you make sure you get the results you want. 1. Make sure you are doing this for you and you only. Breast Augmentation should be something you should do for yourself. Don’t consider breast surgery if you are doing ...
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Asymmetric Breasts FAQ: What it is and How it is Fixed

breast asymmetry sydney

Women’s breasts are never be completely identical. One is usually slightly bigger than the other, they may sit at slightly different angles and have different traits. This is completely normal. We aren’t made to be perfectly symmetrical in every way. For some women, however, breast symmetry is so far from the norm that it may affect self esteem and day to day life. This is what is called “breast asymmetry” – when one breast is significantly different in shape, size and/or positioning, and may need to surgically corrected to adjust ...
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Why Biggest is Not Always Best with Breast Augmentation

Mention the word implant and all women of a certain age can envisage Pamela Anderson in a red bikini making her way down the beach. The next thing you might ponder is; how big is too big and how big is not big enough, is there a ‘just right’ size for me? The misconceived idea surrounding breast implants is that bigger is better. Implants, of all shapes and sizes, can solve many breast dilemmas and allow women to feel more body confident, self-assured and proud of their shape. Why do ...
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Why are Breast Reduction Patients so Happy Post Operatively?

In general patients who have undergone breast reduction plastic surgery are very happy after the procedure, and they enjoy a variety of mental and physical health benefits as well as cosmetic benefits at times. People who have never struggled with excessive breasts may not realize the enormous impact that this can have on almost every aspect of your life. Oversized breasts can be very heavy, placing extra strain on many muscles and areas of your body. This can lead to aches, pain, even muscle spasms and pulled muscles because of ...
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5 Common Mistakes Made When Deciding on Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation

One of the most common plastic and cosmetic surgery options is breast enlargement, and there are some common mistakes that should be avoided if you plan on having this procedure. According to Sydney plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Merten, these mistakes can impact how happy you are with the final results. Consulting a fully qualified plastic surgeon can help you get the best possible results and minimize the need for a breast implant revision, with breasts that you will be proud of. The most common mistakes with breast implants made typically ...
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Nipple Correction Surgery: What, Why and How It Transforms Your Body

Nipple Correction

Nipple Correction surgery can correct a wide variety of problems including enlarged nipples, asymmetrical nipples, protruding nipples, or, most commonly, inverted nipples. Not only is  corrective nipple surgery simple, but it is also one of the cosmetic surgery procedures with the highest right of patient satisfaction. What is Nipple Correction Surgery and Why Might It Be A Good Option? Nipple Correction surgery is typically considered by hundreds of thousands of women each year, especially to correct inverted nipples. Inverted nipple surgery not only makes nipples protrude in a natural way, ...
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Finding Breast Implants for Your Lifestyle & Preference

If you have decided on breast augmentation, then one of the biggest decisions that you will need to make is how much bigger to make your breasts. Breast Enlargement is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Australia and many different factors will influence your decision on choosing the right size, and it is important carefully consider these. Are you hoping to achieve a natural look? Are you concerned whether others will know that you have had breast implants? If you have a very small frame ...
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