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Breast Asymmetry: A Case History

Shape and size are often used to describe the appearance of a woman’s breasts, but their symmetry is less often commented on unless it is noticeably different. Very few women have perfectly symmetrical breasts, with most demonstrating a variation in size, placement or projection from one breast to the other. However, these asymmetries are usually not obvious, except under close scrutiny. It is common to have one breast a different size from the other, and many young women will notice this while their breasts are growing during puberty. Most women’s ...
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Do you suffer from breasts that are abnormally shaped?

A relatively common, but often unrecognised, breast condition in young women is “tuberous” or “constricted” breast deformity, a congenital condition in which the breast fails to develop fully during puberty; the breasts may develop unusual shapes as well as develop differently to each other. Although the cause is not understood, plastic surgeons believe tuberous/constricted breast is caused by an underlying restriction of the normal growth of the breast during puberty, particularly the lower half. As the breast continues to grow, it is restricted in the lower half, pushing excess breast ...
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