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Facelift vs. Non-Surgical Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation

When I see a new patient who wants facial rejuvenation in order to look younger, there are a number of factors that I will examine and go over with the patient. The extent and severity of the signs of aging that the patient displays will help determine the best methods and techniques. I discuss all of the possible treatments and explain what the patient can expect from each. In many cases cosmetic procedures including dermal fillers, muscle relaxant injections, and skin treatments can give excellent results. Other times, a facelift ...
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How Old Is Too Old For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

In recent times, the subject of age has become increasingly prevalent in discussions of cosmetic plastic surgery. With all of the focus being placed on age, the topic of the health implications of cosmetic plastic surgery is all but lost in the mass media. While it is true that some procedures may not be as popular for the over 65 crowd, there is really no reason except for poor health to avoid cosmetic plastic surgery at an older age. In fact, some of the most common procedures are best suited ...
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Will a Facelift Make Me Look Youthful Again?

If you have noticed that your face is starting to show signs of aging then you may have thought about a facelift. Will this type of cosmetic surgery make you look young again though, or will it leave you with a face that appears stiff and overstretched? Today the plastic surgery techniques used for a facelift can give you a natural youthful appearance in many cases, but since each person is different you should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon before making a final decision. A facelift is considered extensive ...
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What Can A Facelift Do For You?

A facelift is one of the most common types of plastic surgery, and this cosmetic procedure can help eliminate visible signs of aging in many people. This is not a permanent miracle cure though and there are some limitations on what this plastic surgery can do. Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steve Merten always discusses the potential benefits and possible risks for this type of procedure with patients, so that they have realistic expectations before undergoing this form of plastic surgery. A facelift cannot be performed in the office of the ...
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