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What to Expect from Labiaplasty


Many women have improved their quality of life by seeking the expertise of Dr Justine O’Hara for their labiaplasty procedure. Often a sensitive topic, labiaplasty can address the chronic discomfort that many women suffer from in the vulva area. In addition to the physical irritation, the anatomy in this intimate area can be a cosmetic concern for many individuals, making them self-conscious about their appearance. To help patients regain their confidence and feel comfortable, Dr O’Hara holds comprehensive and informative consultations with each patient. Should they choose to move forward ...
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The Benefits of Labiaplasty


Whether you seek labiaplasty for functional or cosmetic reasons, the procedure has proven to make a dramatic impact on many of our female patients’ lives. Our plastic surgeon Dr Justine O’Hara works closely with those interested in labiaplasty to determine if the procedure is right for them, as well as to inform them of what they can expect throughout the process. The surgery holds numerous advantages to the right candidates, providing long-lasting relief from the discomfort and embarrassment that many women experience. By altering the shape and/or size of the ...
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What Factors into the Cost of a Mummy Makeover?


Deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure like the mummy makeover can be a difficult decision. A major concern that many individuals have while making this decision is if they can afford the procedure in the first place. If you are considering a mummy makeover, it can help to understand what factors influence the total cost to determine if the procedure is right for you. Since mummy makeovers are highly customisable – combining procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction – the amount you can expect ...
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How Long Is Recovery After a Mummy Makeover?


Being a mother requires a lot of sacrifices, but your confidence shouldn’t be one of them! Many women have regained their pre-baby bodies with the help of a mummy makeover. Our team at Pure Aesthetics is pleased to offer such a deserving group of women the chance to correct the unwanted changes that often result from pregnancy and breastfeeding. A major concern that many of these women have, however, is how long it will take to get back to normal after the procedure. Since a mummy makeover can involve different ...
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What Preoperative Tests Should I Get Before a Mummy Makeover?


Motherhood can be one of the most rewarding jobs, but there’s no doubt pregnancy can cause physical changes that aren’t as desirable. For those wishing to restore their pre-baby bodies, our team is proud to offer the mummy makeover procedure, which combines different surgeries to address the specific concerns of each individual. Although we strive to help you achieve your cosmetic goals, safety is our number one priority. Prior to your procedure, you will need to undergo a few medical tests to ensure you are eligible for the mummy makeover. ...
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Dr. Merten Featured in Body Contouring Article


Loosing a dramatic amount of weight is quite the accomplishment, but for many people this is not the end of their journey. Regardless of how the weight was lost, excessive amounts of skin can still lead to self-consciousness and health problems. Fortunately, body contouring procedures are available to help eliminate extra skin. Read the article below, published in The Sunday Morning Herald, for a first hand view of how people used these procedures to help complete their life changing transformation and what Dr. Merten has to say about the process....
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Tummy Tuck Funding Removed from Medicare Schedule


URGENT INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS CONSIDERING TUMMY TUCK/ABDOMINOPLASTY SURGERY Medicare no longer covering Abdominoplasty as of 1/1/2016 On Monday 21/12/2015 the Federal Government announced that the Medicare item numbers for abdominoplasty, and related item numbers, are being removed from the Medicare Schedule, effective 1/1/2016. This is contrary to previous advice that this was only being “considered” for mid-2016. If a procedure is removed from the Medicare schedule, it becomes “cosmetic”, and you will not be able to claim any rebates for the surgery, nor will any private health insurance cover hospital ...
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The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Many people view a tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, as something a plastic surgeon does in order to help someone look younger and more attractive by eliminating excess abdominal fat, skin, and other tissue. The truth is that there are a number of medical benefits from a tummy tuck, and more often than not, this procedure may be performed by a plastic surgeon for medical purposes only The Tummy Tuck Procedure Whether a tummy tuck is performed for cosmetic reasons or medical benefits a plastic surgeon should perform the procedure. ...
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Urgent information for patients considering Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty surgery


It appears highly likely that Medicare is intending to modify, reduce or eliminate a range of body contouring “item numbers” from 1 November 2015. If this proceeds, it will involve a range of common plastic surgery procedures, including abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”), thigh lift, arm lift and other body lift procedures. If a procedure is removed from the Medicare schedule, it becomes “cosmetic”, and you will not be able to claim any rebates for the surgery, nor will any private health insurance cover hospital or other expenses. What we expect this ...
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How Old Is Too Old For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?


In recent times, the subject of age has become increasingly prevalent in discussions of cosmetic plastic surgery. With all of the focus being placed on age, the topic of the health implications of cosmetic plastic surgery is all but lost in the mass media. While it is true that some procedures may not be as popular for the over 65 crowd, there is really no reason except for poor health to avoid cosmetic plastic surgery at an older age. In fact, some of the most common procedures are best suited ...
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