shutterstock_199141433You might decide to have breast augmentation because you are unhappy about the size of your breasts. Or it could be that after pregnancy and breast-feeding you’re just not happy about the way your breasts look.

Breast surgery today is relatively straightforward and whatever your circumstances, these 10 tips will help you make sure you get the results you want.

1. Make sure you are doing this for you and you only.
Breast Augmentation should be something you should do for yourself. Don’t consider breast surgery if you are doing it to please someone else.

2. Be honest about your physical and emotional health.
Are you fit and a healthy weight? Are you emotionally ready for an anesthetic and operation? If you’re not sure talk to trusted friends or your family doctor – they’ll help you make the right decision for you.

3. Take time to look for an experienced plastic surgeon you trust.
Referral through a trusted friend is ideal, but if you’re looking through surgeons online make sure you ask lots of questions.

Ask how many breast enlargement procedures the surgeon has carried out in the last 6 months and ask to see before and after photographs. Make sure you have a good relationship with your surgeon.

4. Understand the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon.
A qualified plastic surgeon is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons has FRACS after their name.

5. Make sure you understand the procedure.
You’ll either have a silicon or saline implant inserted into each breast to increase the fullness. A good surgeon will take lots of time explaining this to you.

6. Don’t set your heart on a certain implant shape and size.
An experienced and caring plastic surgeon will be able to guide you once you explain the ideal result you are looking for. A good surgeon will look carefully at you as an individual and advise you of the best way forwards for your body size and shape.

7. Make sure you understand the risks.
These can include scarring, capsular contraction (hardening of breast tissue around the implant) and loss of sensation in your breast and nipple. Remember more experienced plastic surgeons generally have a lower complication rate.

8. Understand that your implants will not last a lifetime.
Chances are that you’ll have to have your breast implants removed or replaced at some stage in the future. Talk to your surgeon about how your breasts would look if you decided to have the implants removed at a later date.

9. Beware of going too large…
If you choose an implant that’s disproportionally large for your frame the extra pressure and weight will stretch your skin and make it look saggy and old over time.

10. Understand the cost.
Your breast augmentation surgery is likely to cost between $8000 and $20,000. Because this is elective surgery in the vast majority of cases it is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance.

Speak to your doctor or contact Pure Aesthetics to find out more about breast augmentation.