breast asymmetry sydney

Women’s breasts are never be completely identical. One is usually slightly bigger than the other, they may sit at slightly different angles and have different traits. This is completely normal. We aren’t made to be perfectly symmetrical in every way. For some women, however, breast symmetry is so far from the norm that it may affect self esteem and day to day life. This is what is called “breast asymmetry” – when one breast is significantly different in shape, size and/or positioning, and may need to surgically corrected to adjust the breasts to look more like siblings and less like enemies.

What kind of results can I expect?

Our aim is to improve your body confidence and have you walking out looking and feeling better than you did walking in. We will attempt to align your nipples if maligned and reduce asymmetry creating a more even appearance. In turn, improving how well your clothes fit, your overall quality of life and boosting your self esteem.

Depending on your individual situation, an overnight stay in hospital once the surgery is complete may need to occur. This will all be addressed in your pre-procedure consultation.

What does my recovery look like?

Depending on the individual, as every breast asymmetry surgery is unique, you will be headed home the day after the procedure has taken place. Pain medication will be prescribed as general soreness and tenderness will most likely be felt. It is also incredibly normal to feel a little nauseous and tired post surgery, this is nothing to be worried about and standard for most patients.

An appointment with us 1-3 weeks after surgery will be scheduled to check how everything is healing. By the 6 week mark you will start to see the long term results, with the permanent result showing after 3 months when the swelling has completely disappeared.

As with most procedures, you should be able to return to your day-to- day duties after 6 weeks. This is again dependant on each individual client, as everyone is different and therefore so are their daily movements. However, it is normal to assume that a gradual increase into these normal activities will occur. Nothing strenuous prior to the 4 week mark, after which you can slowly build up to your usual activity.

Will I have scarring? Or any other complications?

Every effort will be present to ensure that scarring will be minimal and discreet, though sometimes inevitable depending on the severity of the situation. As for complications, they vary depending on the individual procedure, though the standard surgical complications should be considered such as bruising, bleeding, swelling, pain, infection, deep vein thrombosis, anaesthetic issues, allergy and infection. It is important to note that not all of these complications will occur for each patient, as every procedure is different from start to finish. No two bodies are the same.

If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with the asymmetry of your breasts, feel free to contact us on (02) 9199 7448 for more information. Your confidence within your own skin is important and it’s worth getting to know the facts on your situation and what we can do to help.