Breast reduction may be sought if you have breasts that are overly large or heavy. If your breasts cause you discomfort, they make you uncomfortable with your appearance, or they have a negative impact on other areas of your life then you may want to reduce the size of your breasts. There are a number of techniques that may be used to do this, including traditional breast reduction surgery and the no drain breast reduction procedure. The Sydney cosmetic surgeon who will perform the procedure will explain which technique will be used and why during your consultation before the plastic surgery.

Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery

During traditional breast reduction surgery incisions are made in the breast and excess tissue is removed. Drains are typically placed during this procedure so that any blood and other fluids can drain from the surgical site and swelling and discomfort are lessened. The Sydney cosmetic surgeon who is performing the operation will determine whether drains are needed. When drains are placed you may need to leave them in place for a week or even longer after you have the plastic surgery. The drains will not be removed until the amount of drainage from the surgical incisions falls below a certain level.

The Benefits of No Drain Breast Reduction

Unlike traditional breast reduction surgery the no drain breast reduction technique does not involve any drains. The surgical incisions made by the Sydney cosmetic surgeon will be closed using dissolving stitches or strips, although you should expect drainage on the bandages when these are changed. The decision to use or not use drains is up to the individual surgeon as well as the specific situation. Some plastic surgeons, like Dr. Merten and his colleagues at Pure Aesthetics, avoid drain placement whenever this is possible. If your breasts are very large or a lot of tissue is being removed drains may be necessary. Your surgeon can discuss this with you during your consultation before the plastic surgery.

Some of the benefits of the no drain breast reduction when compared to traditional breast reduction surgery can include:

  • Less scarring
  • Less discomfort
  • No drains to empty
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved outcome

What Should you Expect During a Breast Reduction Consultation?

During your consultation with a Sydney cosmetic surgeon you will be asked many questions about your health history, medication usage, and even any allergies and family history details. The surgeon will also discuss your goals, and explain the various techniques that can be used to help you achieve smaller and better proportioned breasts. Your breasts will be measured in various ways, and photos are usually taken. These pictures will become part of your medical record and they are kept confidential. These pictures will help your plastic surgeon assess the best way to help you achieve your desired outcome and used to compare against your breast appearance after the breast reduction procedure.

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