In general patients who have undergone breast reduction plastic surgery are very happy after the procedure,
and they enjoy a variety of mental and physical health benefits as well as cosmetic benefits at times. People who have never struggled with excessive breasts may not realize the enormous impact that this can have on almost every aspect of your life. Oversized breasts can be very heavy, placing extra strain on many muscles and areas of your body. This can lead to aches, pain, even muscle spasms and pulled muscles because of the extra weight involved. Standing upright may be difficult at times and certain sleeping positions like laying on your back may not be possible because of the size of your breasts.

Suffer Less Lumbar and Lower Back Pain

One of the health benefits of breast reduction surgery that many find relieving is less lumbar and lower back pain. Even a small increase in breast size can add a significant amount of weight to your upper body. This places strain on many different muscle groups and tissues, especially the lumbar and lower back area. After the surgery many women are very happy because they no longer have chronic back pain and constant aches in this area.

Experience Fewer Incidents of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Another area that can be greatly affected by breasts that are too large is the neck and shoulder area. The muscles in this area are constantly being used to try and hold up the weight of your breast tissue, and that can cause strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. After breast reduction is complete many women find that this type of plastic surgery has helped to minimize or even eliminate neck and shoulder pain that used to be a constant problem.

Gain Better Self Esteem and Higher Self Confidence

Breast reduction plastic surgery does not just offer physical health benefits, this procedure can also help boost your self esteem and self confidence because your breasts are no longer out of proportion to the rest of your body. Both men and women who have excessive breast tissue report feeling self-conscious or even trying to hide their breasts out of embarrassment. After having the excess tissue removed many patients report that they feel better about themselves and are more comfortable with the appearance of their breasts.

Is Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Right for You?

If you have large breasts which cause physical or mental health issues then you may be a good candidate for breast reduction plastic surgery. During the initial consultation with a plastic surgeon the professional can discuss the procedure, the possible risks and complications, the recovery process and time required, and other factors involved in this type of surgery. Many patients who have had this plastic surgery performed are very happy afterward, and they enjoy a variety of health benefits because they are carrying around less extra breast tissue all day long. This procedure can be very beneficial if you feel your breasts are too large or they are causing health problems but it is not right for everyone.

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