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Welcome to the Pure Aesthetics News Room. Below is a list of the latest press releases written about Dr. Steve Merten and our Sydney plastic surgery practice. Click on any link to read the most recent news regarding our latest technologies, techniques, and important information about cosmetic enhancement procedures.

Sydney Plastic Surgery Practice Announces Arrival of New Doctor

Pure Aesthetics welcomes Robert Knight, FRACS to its team of specialist plastic surgeons, who brings advanced training and experience to the Sydney practice. Sydney City, Australia — Dr Steve Merten and his team at Pure Aesthetics are excited to announce that Dr Robert Knight will be joining the practice’s team this month as a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. Dr Knight will be involved in all areas of surgery at the practice, including facelift surgery, breast augmentation liposuction, labiaplasty, and much more. He is passionate about helping patients through plastic ...
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Pure Aesthetics Introduces New Body Contouring Treatment

Pure Aesthetics Introduces CLATUU to Their Practice

Sydney City, Australia – April 18, 2016 – The staff at Pure Aesthetics is pleased to announce the addition of a revolutionary body contouring treatment, offering patients a non-surgical alternative in cosmetic body sculpting. CLATUU™ is an innovative treatment that reduces stubborn pockets of fat through a technology known as cryolipolysis or fat freezing. The device can be used on nearly any area of the body, so patients can meet a number of their aesthetic goals using the same innovative procedure. CLATUU™ is available for men and women with isolated ...
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Sydney Plastic Surgeon Provides an Overview of What to Expect from Labiaplasty

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Dr Justine O’Hara of Pure Aesthetics discusses who makes a good candidate for labiaplasty, what they can expect from the process, and how they can benefit long-term. Sydney, NSW – Dr Justine O’Hara, a plastic surgeon in Sydney, performs labiaplasty to help female patients improve their cosmetic and functional concerns related to the vulva. She reveals that many women suffer from frequent discomfort in this area, due to the anatomical structures being oversized or disproportionate to each other. By surgically altering the shape and/or size of these forms, Dr O’Hara ...
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Sydney Plastic Surgeon on What to Expect Before, During & After Facelift Surgery

plastic surgeon in sydney,candidate for facelift surgery,facelift,facelift recovery

Dr Steve Merten of Pure Aesthetics provides an overview of what the facelift process entails from consultation through recovery. Sydney, NSW – Dr Steve Merten, a plastic surgeon in Sydney, emphasises the potential of facelift surgery, saying the procedure can provide the natural- and youthful-looking results that so many people seek. When he meets with patients interested in a facelift, Dr Merten does his best to thoroughly educate them on what they can expect to happen throughout the entire process so they can make a fully informed decision about their ...
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Sydney Doctor on the Significant Potential of Cosmetic Injectables

sydney doctor,pure aesthetics,anti wrinkle injections,dermal fillers,non surgical facelift

Dr Noela Ferch discusses the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers for helping patients reach their facial rejuvenation goals. Sydney, NSW – Facial aging is a common concern among the vast majority of people, says Sydney doctor Dr Noela Ferch. Since plastic surgery is not always a desirable solution, she explains that cosmetic injectables are an effective alternative using less invasive means. Dr Ferch emphasises the significant potential of the rejuvenative option to her patients at Pure Aesthetics, saying injectables can minimise the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. ...
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Sydney Plastic Surgeon on Factors that Affect Breast Enlargement Results

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Dr Steve Merten emphasises the many factors a patient should consider when undergoing the breast augmentation procedure to achieve their goal results. Sydney, NSW – Dr Steve Merten, a plastic surgeon in Sydney, offers numerous customisation options for patients considering a breast augmentation at Pure Aesthetics. He says having a variety of breast implant profiles, types, and sizes allows patients a better chance of reaching their ideal outcome. When patients come in for their initial breast augmentation consultation, Dr Merten listens to what they hope to achieve and helps them ...
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Sydney Plastic Surgeon Reveals Top Benefits of Breast Augmentation

sydney plastic surgeon,sydney plastic surgery, breast augmentation

Dr. Merten tailors his breast augmentation techniques to meet individual patient needs Sydney, Australia – Dr. Steve Merten, a Sydney plastic surgeon, specializes in breast augmentation with a focus on natural-looking results. At Pure Aesthetics, his private practice, Dr. Merten works to educate patients so they may make the best choices possible in regard to the sizing and material of the implant. He knows there is no one technique or breast implant that is best for all women, and tailors each procedure to achieve unique results for the individual patient. ...
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Sydney Plastic Surgeon Compares Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Dr Steve Merten of Pure Aesthetics provides a look at what aesthetic concerns require facelift surgery compared to less invasive cosmetic treatment options. Sydney, NSW – Dr Steve Merten, a plastic surgeon in Sydney, provides each of his facial rejuvenation patients with a tailored treatment plan to help them reach their ideal aesthetic outcome. While some patients can reach their goals through minimally invasive procedures, Dr Merten explains that others may require the more in-depth option of facelift surgery. The surgeon says that both surgical and non-surgical options have the ...
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Sydney Plastic Surgeon Provides Comprehensive Overview of Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, sydney plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty for enhanced function and aesthetics

Dr Steve Merten discusses what factors influence a successful outcome for nose surgery to ultimately help patients make a more informed decision about their care. Sydney, NSW – Dr Steve Merten, a plastic surgeon in Sydney, performs a variety of plastic surgery procedures at Pure Aesthetics to address both cosmetic and reconstructive needs. One procedure in particular can correct both medical and aesthetic concerns: rhinoplasty. Dr Merten recently provided an in-depth look inside what the rhinoplasty surgical process entails, from the consultation to beyond the recovery period. To help patients ...
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Sydney Plastic Surgeon Offers a Look Inside Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

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Dr Steve Merten provides an array of cosmetic surgeries for patients who have recently undergone dramatic weight loss, whether from bariatric surgery or traditional diet and exercise. Sydney, NSW – Dr Steve Merten, a plastic surgeon in Sydney, performs a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures at Pure Aesthetics, including comprehensive post-weight loss plastic surgery. Whether through bariatric surgery or diet and exercise, Dr Merten recognises weight loss as a significant accomplishment. He notes, however, that many people are self-conscious about their new bodies because of excess skin and tissue ...
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