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Dr. Steve Merten

Steve MertenWith over 20 years experience and a recognised leader in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Steve Merten is an Australian trained specialist plastic surgeon, trained under the esteemed Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Dr Merten specialises in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, with primary interest and expertise in all aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery including breast plastic surgery (Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction and Breast Lift), Facial cosmetic plastic surgery (Facelift, Necklift, Browlift, Eyelid Rejuvenation and Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) and body contouring procedures such as Abdominoplasty and plastic surgery after massive weight loss (body lifts, arm and thigh reduction surgery). Dr Merten also has a special interest in “top” plastic surgery for gender dysphoria, to correct the chest contour for these patients.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Merten has helped patients both locally and internationally achieve their goals, with beautiful and natural-looking results.

“We believe providing you with the most open and honest information serves your interests best. By helping you get the best information possible we can help guide you towards the best decisions, ultimately achieving the best possible outcomes”
Dr. Steve Merten

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